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Our Story - From a Passion for Music and Art to Founding Vicilo

It all began with a person who had a deep passion for music and art, while also searching for the perfect gift for their significant other. After looking through countless gift options without finding something truly special, one rainy afternoon filled with nostalgia and emotions changed everything. Listening to the heartfelt song "My Love" by Westlife, an idea sparked in their mind – to combine the lyrics of the song with a cherished photograph of their memories and transform it into a unique poster, preserving the meaningful moments they had shared.

Driven by this creative inspiration, they delved into the world of personalized poster creation, working with like-minded artists to turn the vision into reality. Pouring their heart and soul into the process, they hoped that this gift would genuinely convey their sincere affection and profound love for their partner.

Once the personalized poster was complete, they couldn't keep the secret any longer and decided to present it on a special occasion. When their significant other unwrapped the gift and saw the poster featuring the heartfelt song lyrics and cherished memories, tears of joy and emotion welled up in their eyes. It was evident that the gift had accomplished its purpose – to bring tears of happiness to their beloved.

And so, Vicilo was born. Our mission is to create exquisite, distinctive, and meaningful gifts that allow people to express their emotions and capture unforgettable moments in life. We infuse every product with passion, aiming to bring happiness and incredible emotions to each and every customer.

We understand that each love story is unique and precious. That's why we commit to crafting custom-made products that reflect the beauty of each couple's tale. We cherish every emotion and love that our customers share with one another.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we warmly welcome many more love stories to be written with Vicilo.


  • If you ever have problems with your order, we'll do everything we can to make it right. We aim to treat you like family. We know we’re in business because of you.
  • Bring the highest quality products with the lowest prices to customers.

  • Email: support@vicilo.com
  • The principal office address of the limited liability company is: 

    539 W. Commerce St, Dallas, TX, Dallas, US, 75208

  • Mobile: +1 (817803-8336